Oppression of Most People is Actually Good

All the time, the communist party rants about how awful oppression is; and seemingly their delusional fear of oppression leads them to conjure up imaginary oppression in all areas of life. Time and time again, the normies espouse hysterical paranoia regarding oppression, as they hallucinate oppression to be an evil force ingrained in the remnants of the old-world society. Worst of all; they seem to believe that oppression is somehow ‘bad’ although they can never seem to explain why.

All of this is simply because Marxist narratives suggest that a non-utopian society inherently consists of oppression; particularly with the oppressors being rich white men. This oppression narrative is a Marxist concept called critical theory and is a manifestation of communist ideology regarding opposing oppression. Ever since long ago, critical theory has inspired the mainstream establishment to rewrite the cultural narrative in a disavowment of fundamental old-world enlightenment values. As such, the communists tell history through a viewpoint of oppression, and even in cases of actual oppression, they wrongfully condemn oppression as a force of evil. At the same time, leftists have successfully advocated against quite a few examples of oppression. America – as a communist nation – seems to oppose oppression, given that the freedom to oppress people is greatly limited to a further extent every day. We’re stuck with such absurdities as affirmative action, labor unions, liberalism, anti-white racism, and gender rights activism. There’s so many groups that we can’t discriminate against that it’s not even funny. The non-straight agenda community has even gotten legal rulings against oppression of their group; which has in turn forced businesses to cater to those who don’t belong to the default human setting. In all of these instances of communists stamping out oppression, their justification is always that their actions (against the natural order) are done in the name of equality.

They’re right about that at least: I agree with communists who give answer to their opposition to oppression by citing that they believe in equality. Yet – at the same time, it’s for that same reason that I hold a differing opinion on this issue. Now, I am aware this may be a radical new way of viewing it, but hear me out: Regardless of however so glorified equality is worshiped by the populous – equality is in fact bad because oppression of most groups is actually a very good thing.

Yes; I fully realize that oppression has a negative context; but oppression is not to be confused with such abuses as tyranny or evil. Oppression is simply inequality and restriction on everyday life; often through natural selection and enforced as a result of personal responsibility upheld through social standards. In contrast, tyranny is all about stuff like banning hate speech, taxing rich people, and mandating regulations in an attempt to perfect society and attain the idolatrously futile illusion of a greater good. Oppression actually isn’t bad; and I do realize that it’s possible for minorities to be abused; but those instances are called persecution – not oppression. Despite how commie narratives attempt to distort oppression’s actual meaning through eliciting negative emotions regarded the concept of oppression, the truth is that oppression and freedom are not inherently opposed to each other; and to add to that – not only are oppression and freedom not mutually exclusive, but one could even make the argument that freedom is actually oppression since freedom carries the weight of both personal choice and responsibility. See; oppression actually isn’t bad, but people often misunderstand abstract concepts such as oppression and negatively misconstrue it with similarly difficult abstracts such as persecution or abuse of power which must be resisted against.

In actuality, natural oppression exists all around us and is fundamental to the structure of society. Don’t believe me? Well lets look at some examples of oppression. Arguably, children are oppressed by their parents. Parents set up rules for their children and teach them what’s good and bad. Parental discipline and rules are both good because none of it’s done out of a desire for totalitarian control; but rather because every child is inherently born as an uncultured barbarian who is in desperate need of basic correction.

Obviously, it’s the natural order for there to exist rules and authority structures; since without continually interlocking hierarchies, we would actually face the extinction of society and the return of civilization back to the stone-age.

There’s plenty more examples of oppression that we can look at of course; all of which lend plausible deniability against the misconception that oppression is bad. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find an instance of oppression which is negative from an empirically objective viewpoint. So for the sake of theoretical discussion, lets examine some further instances of oppression that communists claim is bad.

For starters, this entire idea is inherently oppressive according to the communists. In the name of opposing oppression, leftists actively engage in war against basic oppressive freedoms, such as microaggressions and hate speech. Actually, as Marxist critical theory points out; hate speech is oppression because it forces people to question beliefs and concepts that narrow-minded scoffers would rather not question. Hate speech is any form of dissidence which rebels against the status quo; expressing dissatisfaction with perceived evils in a society. As such, since hate speech is unpopular, it makes evil people feel uncomfortable; and that’s oppressive since it forces people to take notice of a differing belief that threatens the mainstream establishment. Yet, all forms of hate speech are good, because even if you don’t agree with a viewpoint, new ideas are not intellectually damaging; and open theoretical-level discussion to broaden others’ perspectives lessens extremism by helping people to have an actuate viewpoint which takes into account the ranging difference of perspectives. There can only ever be a positive outcome of ideological discussion, and anyone who opposes hate speech is clearly motivated by an agenda. In fact, we actually have a word for people who oppose hate speech: Those people are called Nazis, which we need to forcibly reeducate; and as members of the far-right, we condone the any form of oppression against anyone who opposes any form of hate speech.

Moving on; poor people are also very oppressed. Sure – they of course make stupid decisions and are financially irresponsible – but they’re actually oppressed by the more ambitious members of society, who – motivated by greed; obtain much greater financial stability but then don’t redistribute the wealth to make everyone equal. Rather, people who are higher up on the economic food chain hold power over those who are of lower economic status. The poor really are servants to the rich; and debtors really are slaves to their creditors – because money is power. And to be fair – all of those capitalist values about work and responsibility are arguably oppressive. Then to add to that, we have oppressive capitalists such as myself who want to abolish communist redistribution systems to oppress everyone even more. Inherent differences in economic status are always going to be oppressive in a free market, and that’s good because hard times make strong people; whereas if everyone was happy; then laziness would prosper and the working class would have no incentive to work. Of course we don’t want to take advantage of anyone, but poor people are always going to exist; they’re always going to be oppressed; and economic competition is simply a necessary good.

How about oppression on the basis of race or gender? That’s also awesome. I’m personally opposed to any and all gender rights activism that has ever existed because it’s not possible for gendered oppression to exist, and then also I’m not necessarily a big fan of advocating for racial-rights either – especially not in modern times. As is mentioned by the communists; racism and sexism have theoretically resulted in oppression in many ways; all of which have always been perfectly wonderful. Now, Marxist group-oppression theory is constantly evolving as they find new ‘oppression’ to rant about, so I won’t even bothering to provide a bunch of examples because it always boils down to ‘the oppressive patriarchy’ which we can fault for not enforcing ‘this and that.’ You can’t enforce equality between the genders or races because men and women and all races are all inherently and unchangeably different. This essentialist theory simplifies down to racial and sexual realism, whereas a communist would use made-up, emotionally-charged words like racism or sexism to lend validation to critical theory’s belief in social constructs. In reality, it’s okay that inherent differences produce inequality: It’s okay that the West is white; It’s okay that women choose lower paying jobs; And it’s okay to oppose immigration. Then let’s remember that it’s oppression to not use a mentally disabled person’s ‘preferred pronouns.’ Lol. Honestly, anything that leftists claim is ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ is actually just normal.

I say all of this as a minority myself, and there’s a lot more that I could say about various types of oppression. Basically though, it doesn’t matter what group you’re in, but if you as an individual are a loser who dislikes a competitive playing field, then yes; you’re going to view yourself as oppressed. Oppression is actually a good thing, and people who say otherwise are communists. When they do things in the name of equality to oppose oppression, remember that they’re simply scum on a lower level, and mock them.

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