I Reject Fat Acceptance: It’s Not Okay to be Fat

This may sound like tough-love to encourage healthy dieting or some sort of garbage like that, but this certainty isn’t my intended purpose. I truthfully just believe that fat people are degenerates who are on the same level as alcoholics, smokers, poor people, divorced people, and; worst of all, scum who drive foreign-made automobiles. Yes; that’s really how disgusting I feel fat people are, because fat people are destroying civilization; and if you don’t agree, then perhaps this will change your mind.

For years now, we’ve seen the communists promoting the fat-acceptance agenda; glorifying obesity and brainwashing people into being accepting and tolerant of fatties. Fat people believe that we should become tolerant of obesity and endorse societal acceptance of being overweight. In fact, advocates of the fat-acceptance agenda have adopted the ideology of ‘obesity is beautiful,’ with their underlying goal being the destruction of civilization and degrading our culture through the obesity epidemic. The root evil of the fat-acceptance movement is a belief in accepting people for who they are, and not judging people for being overweight. Here’s the truth though: We don’t have to be tolerant of fatties, and obesity is disgusting.

Hatred of obesity is not only morally acceptable, but hating obesity is in fact a moral obligation of every individual. There’s nothing wrong with shaming obesity; especially not we direct our ridicule at the poor life decision of obesity itself rather than degrading actual individuals. It is completely inexcusable to be overweight because obesity negatively impacts society, and as such, it is society’s moral duty to shame it. After all, if fat people should be accepted by society although obesity degrades our culture, then by the same token, sluts should be accepted and viewed as “people” too. And even to a further extent, if we are to be accepting of fat people, then how about the equivalently absurd proposition that we be accepting of single mothers and alcoholic fathers? Surely if a cancerous trait such as the obesity epidemic negatively impacts society, then society has a moral obligation to ridicule and shame that negative trait through any means possible.

Obesity is a choice; just like poverty is, and likewise – just like poor people; fat people are lazy and gluttonous, but that’s only the beginning of their issues. Worst of all, it’s clearly an overarching trait that fat people are irresponsible and immature. Rather than admitting that they have no self control, fat people fail to take responsibility for their poor lifestyle choices and always make excuses for why they’re not in perfect physical shape. Fat people always conjure up absurdly stupid excuses pertaining to medical conditions, body-type differences, or genetics, and through all of these excuses, fat people claim that they’re just genetically inferior to normal specimens of the human race and thus inherently incapable of achieving a normal body shape. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that fat people aren’t on the same level as normal people and that we’d be a lot better off without fat people, yet their own admission of this still doesn’t change the fact that obesity is only ever caused solely by massive overeating on a continual basis. I have personally never observed a fat person NOT eating, and that’s because eating is all that fat people do all day. Fat people eat, and eat, and eat; there’s just no end to it – and as we all know, obesity is purely caused by consuming more calories than you use up. Meanwhile, people who believe that there are legitimate excuses for being overweight are delusional, because obesity, even in mild forms, was extremely rare until the 1970s. If obesity was caused by genetics or medical conditions, then there’d be lots of morbidly obese people in the past; but in truth, it wasn’t until fifty years ago that people began gorging themselves on 3 hamburgers in one sitting, and once people started doing that, the disgusting proletariat class of society has ever since been degenerating into morbidly obese human-like creatures. Being overweight takes a lot of effort on a daily basis, and the truth is that being overweight is caused entirely by a self-destructive lifestyle, and nothing will ever change that. Fat people don’t seem to understand this however, because fat people are also stupid, which is why they make up excuses for not being in shape. In fact, it has been proven by science that an unhealthy proportion of body fat destroys the brain of an overweight person and actually cause them to become less intelligent. This is a clearly observable fact which is actually very easy to believe and is the conclusion that most people would come to simply be observing fat people.

Not only that, but obesity is immoral, and in fact; obesity itself is evil. In every religion in existence, obesity is condemned as a sin; and there is no religion that condemns obesity more strongly than Christianity. The Bible often harshly ridicules laziness and gluttony, and there’s even a story in the Bible where God rewards a man for assassinating some morbidly obese king. Fat people are deliberately unhealthy and grotesque; they have no willpower; they’re quitters; and they’re nothing more than a drain on society since they’re useless. Fat people also are horrible to be around because they take up so much room and smell so bad. They don’t even practice basic hygiene because they’re too lazy, which is how fat people spread diseases; and even if they did practice basic hygiene, they’d still stink because all they ever do is sweat profusely from preforming basic tasks like walking into a McDonalds. Indeed; as useless eaters who eat exponentially more food than normal people; fatties are at best nothing more than a complete burden to society. For fat people, even basic everyday tasks require exorbitant effort, which only causes them to be even lazier and to become even more morbidly obese since all they feel like doing is eating all day.

Hating fat people isn’t even mostly about being disgusted at how they choose to become grotesquely obese. Rather for the most part, hating fatties is about encouraging the continuation of an able-bodied and free people. Fat people can’t even run, much less walk, without panting and gasping for breath, which is one reason that they’re a lot easier to kill off; and that’s probably why fat people can’t be firemen or even policemen; because fatties are nothing more than a burden and fat people just get in the way whenever there’s an emergency. And as for overweight women, they’re wholly incapable of giving birth to healthy children, and to add to that, overweight parents always raise children who are even more morbidly obese; sometimes to the extent of being several times more overweight. Meanwhile, those same families raising children who look like they’re three donuts away from a heart attack are the same types of families who don’t even know what vegetables are while at the same time ranting about genetic unfairness.

Obesity is a self-perpetuating problem, and the way I see it, fat people serve no practical purpose besides consuming vast quantities of food. In fact, fat people are nothing more than a drain on society since they bleed the healthcare system to death and take up extra room literally everywhere that they go. And speaking of how much fat people drain the healthcare system, let’s not forget that obesity is the #1 cause of death in America, and most health issues are caused entirely by being overweight. In fact, the vast majority of health issues, such as all cardiovascular diseases, nearly all diabetes, most types of cancers, and so on; can all only even be caused solely by obesity. Fat people are not normal; They’re simply slobs who don’t care about their lives, and fatties are simply sloths who gorge themselves to death in a deliberate attempt to ruin their bodies.

Obesity simply goes to show that good times create weak people; and as we all know: Weak people in turn create bad times, which is how fatties are one of the many groups contributing to the destruction of civilization. Obesity is not normal and it is entirely inexcusable. Obesity is a choice; a decision made on a daily basis by people who don’t care about their lives, and fat people are not the type of citizen that we want in this country. However, it’s actually compassionate to tell people all of this, because that means they can be encouraged to do something about their lifestyle. Then again, if people actually cared about their bodies, then they wouldn’t get fat in the first place, and it’s disgusting that some people want to live like that. You can confront fat people with any of this, and they won’t deny it; but of course, fat people always have the same old response to criticism of obesity:



Fatties in a nutshell

9 thoughts on “I Reject Fat Acceptance: It’s Not Okay to be Fat

  1. Okay, I can agree that there are problems with “fat acceptance” being misused. How about “people acceptance” instead.

    Body size is not a moral issue. You are making all kinds of assumptions and projections that are not reflected in reality. Yes, some people are fat because of laziness, poor diet, etc. So what? Unless you’re buying their groceries, it’s none of your business. (Likewise, they don’t get to demand special treatment, either.)

    The first problem is the change to define “obesity” as a disease. It isn’t. Unnatural weight gain is a symptom. Even the definition is a problem. It’s based on a scale created by insurance companies, and is meaningless. Nothing but a height/weight ratio. It does not – and can not – measure health. Not only that, but the scale was changed back in 1995, and millions of people who went to bed in one section of the scale, woke up in another. The range for “normal” on the scale is so small, it’s extremely difficult for people be stay in it.

    There have always been fat people. Heredity plays anywhere from 88-95% of a role. Fat people survived better, so their genes got passed on. It’s heredity that determines if someone is fat as a kid, but loses weight as an adult, or determines where on the body a person will gain weight, etc. The biggest cause of unnatural weight gain? Dieting. This triggers a famine response in the body, which goes to amazing lengths to protect itself by keeping and storing energy. The more a person tries to diet, the more they screw up their body’s natural responses, and THAT causes all kinds of health problems. All those health problems associated with obesity? People who have never dieted do not have those increased risks, regardless of their weight. Data also shows that people in the “overweight” and lower end of the “obese” categories live longer lives, have better overall health and, when they do get sick, recover quicker. The most high risk categories to be in are “underweight” and what is sometimes referred to as “class 3 obese.” Obesity researchers have known since at least the 1940’s that larger people process calories differently.

    On top of this, our diet and nutrition advice that is supposedly healthy has also contributed to the “obesity epidemic.” Between the multi-billion dollar dieting industry (the only industry where a 95% failure rate gets blamed on the user, not the product) and nutrition guidelines that go completely against our omnivorous digestive systems, our culture is a recipe of unnatural weight gain. That is a societal problem. Not the people who have been damaged by it.

    I could go on, but I strongly suspect you will completely reject it all, anyhow, so I won’t bother. So I’ll just add this.

    No one owes you a body you find attractive. No one owes you their health. No one owes you an explanation or justification for their body shape and size.

    At the same time, you don’t owe anyone your approval. But check your snootiness at the door.

    How about we just accept people as they are, not make assumptions about them, and treat everyone well, until they give us reason not to?

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      1. Not theoretical. Experiential. I have a husband who suffered for 2 years while his primary health care provider ignored his back injury, instead obsessing with his weight. I kept asking him to change providers, but he didn’t want to rock the boat. Two years of his back injury not being treated before finally she got him in to see a spine specialist. By then, what had started out as soft tissue damage became crumbling vertebra, as well as discovering unknown birth defects. Turns out he was a hair’s breath away from being in a wheelchair, all his life. By then, he was told flat out that he was not going to be able to lose weight, due to the nature of his injuries. Flash forward to now: pain levels leave him with no appetite, he forces himself to eat, but kept gaining weight. He’s on over a dozen medications, one of which has a side effect of preventing weight loss completely. He’s in the hospital right now, after developing bilateral and peripheral edema. He was bloated from top to bottom. In the past few weeks, he’s lost about 75 pounds of fluids. Yet while he was in the emergency the first time, a nurse was bitching that they didn’t have the equipment for his weight (they did; he’s big, but he’s not unusually so), and just yesterday, the doctor talked to him about getting a hidden pocket of fluid drained. Not about where it was being done, or when, or how they were getting him there. Or even the angiogram he’s also supposed to be getting this week. No. He just had to make sure my husband knew that the reason they had to sent him somewhere else because he’s “too big” for the local hospital’s equipment.

        You can’t know a person’s health or habits just by looking at them. To suggest a person is disgusting, it’s their fault, they are morally flawed, etc. is wrong. Reducing a person’s value as a human being because they don’t look or behave the way others think they should is bad enough in general. That attitude in the medical system results in people being sicker, or dying. In my husband’s case, it played a big part in his now being disabled, and continues to result in his not getting adequate treatment.


      2. That certainty isn’t fair, and nobody should have to go through something like that. Of course people can’t help factors that are outside of their control, and all people have the same value as human beings. Everyone is deserving of the same compassion and care as anyone else since we’re all individuals created by God, and I would never advocate otherwise. Yet, at the same time, 99% of people aren’t in perfect physical shape by choice, and the sad thing is that they don’t see anything wrong with it.

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      3. Unfortunately, when it comes to being fat, that all tends to go out the window. It’s amazing, really. Did you know that if you’re fat, all your problems will go away, if you just become skinny? All your health problems will go away. All your social problems will go away. Even God will bless you better, because being fat is a sin (gluttony, you know…). All because people assume that if you’re fat, it’s because you have failed as a person. I see it all the time, and it’s only getting worse. It certainly doesn’t help that people are going to the opposite extreme, demanding validation, special privileges or preferential treatment, rather than just plain acceptance as human beings. Both extremes are causing all sorts of problems.


      4. To be fair, it’s actually fat-acceptance blogs like that which I primarily aim my criticism at. People can life an unhealthy lifestyle if they want to; but obesity is still a choice. Obesity isn’t ‘just a number.’ Anyone who is visibly overweight is morbidly obese, and that doesn’t make them any less of a human being, but I have higher standards.


      5. Did you even follow the link? It’s not a “fat acceptance” blog, as you describe. This blog is all people sharing stories of what happened to them, in trying to get medical care. A lot of them aren’t even fat to begin with, but it’s attitudes like this “I truthfully just believe that fat people are degenerates who are on the same level as alcoholics, smokers, poor people, divorced people, and; worst of all, scum who drive foreign-made automobiles. Yes; that’s really how disgusting I feel fat people are, because fat people are destroying civilization; ” that is killing people. Literally. The blog was started after a woman shared the story of her mother. She went to a doctor who, without bothering to examine her, told her to come back after losing 50 pounds. She died of untreated deep vein thrombosis.

        I do agree that going around demanding people “accept” their fat bodies in the same way gay activists demand people “accept” their sexual preferences (which turns out they want people to validate and celebrate them, rather than just accept them as human beings with the same inherent rights and dignity as anyone else). However, I also recognize that the current misappropriation of “Healthy At Every Size” (which can be true, based on actual test results for individuals) is a backlash.

        I used to follow a community of people who talked about their experiences. You wouldn’t believe the number of people – almost all women – who were taught to loath themselves from childhood, because they learned early that their value was directly correlated to their body size. They started dieting – or were forced to diet – at incredibly young ages, often by mothers who were obsessed with weight themselves. The result was eating disorders and damaged health. Another shocking thing was the number of people who suffered child sexual abuse; they did deliberately try to make themselves “ugly” by overeating. In their child minds, they thought that if they made themselves disgusting enough, their abusers would leave them alone.

        Which brings me back to a comment I made earlier. “Obesity” is not a disease. It is a symptom. The “obesity epidemic” is created by a multi-billion dollar diet industry, and nutrition advice that is flat out wrong, and is screwing people’s bodies up. There are many other factors involved. Heck, one of them was the more recent period where pregnant women were put on diets so they wouldn’t gain any weight while pregnant. Most diets are just starving people, and when pregnant women starve, it’s their babies that end up bigger and with many health problems. This was already known (based on data from the Dutch Famine of WWII, and the effects of the US government’s attempt to starve one particular Native group to death).

        Also, your comment of “Anyone who is visibly overweight is morbidly obese, and that doesn’t make them any less of a human being, but I have higher standards.” is contradictory and self refuting; particularly given the content of this post. I supposed I could just brush it off as hyperbole, except for the fact that people are becoming sick and even dying because of attitudes like what I read in this post.


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